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October 27, 2012 - Manila
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Out of Town Blog

Out of Town Blog

Melo Villareal was born in 1979 at Quezon Province, the sixth largest province in the exotic archipelagic country of the Philippines. Melo began his career in accountancy in 1999 after receiving his diploma in accountancy and law. He worked for multinational companies as an accountant for three years before leaving the corporate world at the age of 23. In search of a more fulfilling occupation, he has since worked as a freelance travel photo-journalist for several local and international travel publications.

Armed with his insatiable passion for photography, His journeys has taken him to more than 500 islands in the Philippines; from the Batanes group of islands to Palawan and the remote jungles of Babuyanes to indigenous rituals of Bukidnon. He now specializes in travel photography with work that is dedicated to celebrating the living remnants of the vanishing past. His aim is to immortalize, through his art, the undeniable impeded disappearance of rituals, festivals, indigenous cultures, local heritage sites and breath taking landscapes that are frequently taken for granted.

He wants his artistry to serve as an inspiration to people for all walks of life but more so with young people who may come from challenging backgrounds or circumstances. Photography has provided a canvass for his creativity and a medium for expression and a wonderful opportunity to influence and inspire others through work that is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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